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“We work for your results”: the payoff encloses the core essence of UNITEC Group, that this year as well will be attending Fruit Attraction, scheduled to be held in Madrid on 5-7 October. UNITEC will present its latest news, which are the result of a know-how gained in 97 years of history and the Group’s constant drive towards innovation aimed at generating new Results for the Packing Houses worldwide.

As a matter of fact, Fruit Attraction will be the opportunity to present the latest technological solutions, entirely designed and developed by the Group’s Research & Development Team, for the selection of the external and internal quality of the most commonly cultivated fruits in Spanish soil. It will also give the opportunity to present the innovations designed to allow Packing Houses to expand and improve their business, thanks to an increase in efficiency in the different stages of the processing.

First and foremost, the innovative technologies by UNI Robotic, UNITEC new division specialized in intelligent robotic solutions, conceived with the aim to meet the demands of Packing Houses worldwide, to reduce fixed costs and ensure optimization of labor in the sorting process thanks to the use of anthropomorphic and non-anthropomorphic robots. These are able to guarantee a marked increase in efficiency and a significant improvement in the precision in handling the fruit and its packages.

In particular, at the trade show in Madrid it will be possible to discover two technologies conceived by UNITEC, entirely designed and developed by the R&D team of the UNI Robotic division:

  • UNI INTELLIGENT WEIGHT SOLUTION: the robotic technology that intelligently adjusts the filling of kiwi crates according to the set weight. As a matter of fact, thanks to this system, in the event where the weight of the crate does not conform to the required set weight, the robot intervenes by picking or adding fruits to reach the desired crate weight without ever over-packing the crates.

  • UNI INTELLIGENT PUNNET PACK: the innovative technological system that allows to pick two punnets at a time, placing them inside the crate until it is full. This system makes it possible to completely eliminate manual packing, boosting efficiency whilst generating a marked decrease in costs.

But not only robotics, also a lot of attention has been paid to the selection of external and, above all, internal quality of fruit. Fruit Attraction will, in fact, be the opportunity to present a worldwide innovation in the internal quality selection sector: UNIQ Blueberry, UNITEC vision system for the internal quality selection of blueberries.

UNITEC lines equipped with UNIQ Blueberry technology allow users to select the internal quality of blueberries with a high degree of reliability, whilst totally safeguarding the integrity of every single fruit. UNIQ Blueberry vision system completes the range of technologies dedicated to the quality selection of blueberries developed by UNITEC and, combined with the Blueberry Vision 3 technology, guarantees an integral selection of the quality of this delicate fruit. Blueberry Vision 3 is able to inspect 100% of the surface of each blueberry and its high-resolution cameras help select blueberries on the basis of a variety of different and independent parameters – soft fruit, external quality, shape defects, in addition to optical size and color – with exceptionally high precision and according to multiple combinations.

Blueberry Vision 3 and the innovative UNIQ Blueberry technology allow the Packing Houses that choose to rely on UNITEC to give even more value to their blueberries providing a tangible response to the increasingly strong demand to combine the “beautiful” with the “good” to deliver blueberries to the end consumers which are aesthetically beautiful but also, and above all, good. The aim is always to eliminate what is not good, not just by looking at “beauty”, but by focusing on the taste expectations of individual consumers who are looking for a specific taste when they buy a certain product.

So, lots of new features. Yet based on one common denominator: research and continuous innovation to give tangible responses to the emerging demands of Packing Houses, in Spain and elsewhere.

“Our participation at Fruit Attraction – explains Nour Abdrabbo, Sales Director of UNITEC – confirms our focus on the Spanish market, where we have been working for over 20 years with our operational branches in Murcia, Don Benito and Fraga. As Team UNITEC our goal is to remain close to our Customers, with a team of specialized technicians that can guarantee a timely support service and, by focusing on continuous innovation, we want to give real responses to their demands for improvement throughout all the processing stages. Our Customers’ goals are our goals, their results, our results”.

UNITEC is an international group, with 13 operational branches across the world, specialized in designing and manufacturing innovative technologies, 100% developed and produced inside the Company, dedicated to processing, sorting, packing and selecting the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. For over 95 years, UNITEC has been committed to improving the quality of fruit and vegetable processing in over 65 countries in which it operates.

UNITEC technologies are highly specialized and dedicated to sorting and selecting internal and external quality of different varieties of fruits such as apples, pears, cherries, apricots, blueberries, plums, peaches, nectarines, melons, tomatoes, etc. In total there are more than 35 types of fruits for which UNITEC has designed and built dedicated technologies, giving a real and strong contribution to the development of the business of these products.

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